Atmosphere Will Pay YOU $150 For Each New Customer Referral

April 1, 2020

Atmosphere will pay anyone $150 for every new customer that they get to sign up through our Ambassador Program.

Ambassadors across the US have earned some serious cash by helping businesses sign-up for Atmosphere.  It’s a super-easy sell because the product is FREE and helps businesses keep their customers entertained and happy.

Earn money in 5 steps – It’s simple:

• Sign-up to become an Atmosphere Ambassador HERE.

• We provide guidance and marketing materials that will help you approach new businesses and seal the deal.

• Use your unique referral code to share with businesses to get credit for referral

• Get them to sign-up


Benefits of Atmosphere

Atmosphere is a FREE streaming service for businesses.  With our platform, businesses have proven to see increases in new business, repeat business and overall customer satisfaction.  100% of our programming is audio-optional and meticulously curated and packaged to engage customers like never before. Not to mention businesses are saving over $1k a year by cutting cable.

Get extra cash in your pocket! Join us today.

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