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Perfect for Break Rooms

Add some life
to your company announcements

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Stream direct to the TV’s in your break rooms

Engage with your employees in a whole new way

Grab your employees’ attention with amazing content then mix in your own company promotions and information. Our Digital Signage Manager allows your messages to show up between the content.

Boost Morale

Let’s face it, most employees would rather be doing something other than working. Give them something fun and entertaining before work or during their break to help bring fun and excitement to the day.

No audio required

100% of Atmosphere’s channels are audio optional so the content can be enjoyed in an audioless environment. Don’t worry, all content is safe for work and will not offend anyone.

Simple to use

Software that anyone can learn and use

Atmosphere’s Digital Signage Manager requires 9 minutes of training. Nuf said.

Upload or create your own graphics

Simply upload your video or static files and schedule when and where you’d like them displayed. You will also have access to a vast library of templates that are customizable with our text-authoring tool.

Branded channels

We offer the ability to white label the content with your company’s logos and colors. Please contact an Enterprise seller to discuss options:

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5 hour loops of viral, family-friendly video, updated weekly

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