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Freshly curated content for your dispensaries


Stream directly to the TV’s in your dispensary

Engage your customers in a whole new way

Atmosphere is proven to keep your customers entertained and coming back for more. An independent study proved a 19% increase in repeat visitors, and a 14% increase in new visitors.

Audioless TV entertainment

Audio in a dispensary is distracting and disruptive. Give your customers content that requires no audio to enjoy and play your own relaxing music in the background.

Replace commercial breaks with your own promotions

Promote your dispensary’s procedures with content

Grab your guests’ attention with amazing content then mix in your own marketing promotions. Our Digital Signage Manager allows your marketing messages to show up between the content.

Upload or create your own graphics

Simply upload your video or static files and schedule when and where you’d like them displayed. You will also have access to a vast library of templates that are customizable with our text-authoring tool.

Software that anyone can learn and use

Atmosphere’s Digital Promotion Manager requires 9 minutes of training. Nuf said.

Find the perfect channel for your dispensary

5 hour loops of viral, family-friendly video, updated weekly

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"With Chive TV we're noticing people staying nearly twice as long as they normally would, those days of people coming in for a quick beer or shot or over now that they are entertained with Chive TV. "
Brad Womack, Dogwoods Bar Owner

Easy DIY installation that anyone can do

Powered by an Apple TV
Powered by an Apple TV

Access and stream Atmosphere's channels via an enterprise-grade Apple TV.

Plug n' Play, on any TV
Plug n' Play, on any TV

Simply plug your Apple TV into any TV or matrix system, connect to the internet, and you're off!

Entertain in any setting
Entertain in any setting

Atmosphere's programming doesn't require audio to be enjoyed, so it's perfect for any business type.

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Perfect for bars, restaurants, hotels, gyms, healthcare, salons - even stadiums!

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