Companion TV features the cutest, cuddliest animals on the planet brought to you by the internet.

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Companion TV features the cutest, cuddliest animals on the planet brought to you by the internet.

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Bring smiles to your business

Relax the mood with Companion TV. Perfect for veterinarian clinics and pet lovers everywhere.

Transform the mood in your clinic

The fluffiest, the cutest and the wildest animals on the planet

• Increases new business by 14%

• Increases repeat business by 19%

• Decrease perceived wait time

• Increases overall vibe by 100%

What veterinarians are saying

"Since using Companion TV and Atmosphere my hospital lobby has felt and seemed brighter and happier overall. The vet can be a scary place for both pets and clients and the fact that cute puppies and kitties are on the screen definitely places my clients at ease." - VCA Marina Bay Cities

Instantly reach your clients

Upgrade to Business Pro and promote your business with our Digital Signage Manager. Businesses are able to update and run their own custom ads within Atmosphere content. 

Inform your customers about:

• Special events

• Clinic updates

• Job openings

• Rewards programs

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Atmosphere is the world's first and largest streaming TV platform made specifically for businesses. All channels have endless hours of entertaining, audio-optional TV programming, refreshed weekly.

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