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Atmosphere is the largest streaming TV platform for businesses in the world.

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Atmosphere is the largest streaming TV platform for businesses in the world.

What is Atmosphere?

Audio-optional ambient TV programming

Atmosphere is a first-of-its-kind video streaming service comprised of 12 original ambient TV channels. All content is meticulously curated and packaged into themed channels using the best videos from the internet, social media, and lifestyle brands.

Mood Enhancing

This new content category, dubbed ambient TV, is a burgeoning mega-trend and Atmosphere is the largest, most popular ambient TV service in the world. Atmosphere has a channel for every venue and mood.

Available Everywhere

Available for download on Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire, and Android (Google Play Store). Qualified businesses receive a FREE Apple TV with Atmosphere pre-installed.

Stream Atmosphere in your business

No more closed-captioned news or sports

TV programming options for businesses are the same channels created for viewing in-home. All of these channels require audio to be enjoyed but they are muted with closed captions. This is a poor customer experience and Atmosphere set out to solve this problem.

Engage your customers in a whole new way

Keep your customers coming back for more. Businesses playing Atmosphere have shown a 16% increase in repeat visitors and noticeable increase in the overall vibe!

Digital signage and custom white label channel

Promote specials by running your marketing promotions within Atmosphere's programming using the Digital Signage Manager. We can build and maintain your business's own branded TV channel. You choose the content you‘d like to display with your company’s branding!

Stream Atmosphere in your home

TV as a companion

Whether having a party or relaxing on the couch, Atmosphere has a channel for every occasion or to simply keep you company.

How do I watch at home?

Atmosphere is available on Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire, and Android TV!

Atmosphere Channels

Atmosphere is the world's first and largest streaming TV platform made specifically for businesses. All channels have endless hours of entertaining, audio-optional TV programming, refreshed weekly.

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Content & Programming

Atmosphere's proprietary formula is able to identify and license the best viral videos in the world with lightning speed. Our ability to procure, package and program topical viral video content is second to none.

All content is licensed and packaged directly from the content owners and licensors.
All videos are handpicked and each channel's themed programming formula is unique.
Each channel has 5 hours of looping content, updated with fresh content regularly.
Programming is 100%
Two :30 ad slots available
every 3 min (30/hr)
Two :30 ad slots available
every 3 min (30/hr)
Programming is 100%

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