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Our Story

Atmosphere is the world's leading streaming TV service for businesses, offering original, audio-optional TV channels. There is a channel for every business and mood. Atmosphere's TV channels fill the void for businesses in a world dominated by linear cable TV suited for at-home viewing. No cable carrier has addressed the need for TV programming that doesn't require audio or the love of sports to be enjoyed.

Best of all, it's a FREE subscription!

Atmosphere's founders recognized that TV for business was broken and they set out to fix it. Closed-Captioned talking heads, news and reality TV on mute is no way to watch TV in businesses. Necessity is the mother of invention so Atmosphere set off to conquer an entirely new class of TV programming: audio-optional streaming TV.

Businesses can also run their own marketing promotions and house ads within Atmosphere's content by utilizing a simple Digital Signage feature. This is something that cannot be done with live TV programming.

Atmosphere was incubated under Chive Media Group and was spun out in early 2019.

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