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Stream direct to the TV’s in your bar or restaurant

Engage your customers in a whole new way

Keep your customers longer and coming back for more. Streaming Atmosphere channels have proven to increase dwell time by 16% and have increased repeat visits by 19%.

Better than closed captioned news and sports

People are at your venue to engage, have a good time and relax. Sports are great but talking heads with closed captions are not.

Replace commercial breaks with your promotions

Promote your bar or restaurant specials with content

Grab your guests’ attention with amazing content then mix in your own house ads. Our Digital Signage Manager allows your messages to show up between the content.

Upload or create your own graphics

Simply upload your video or static files and schedule when and where you’d like them displayed. You will also have access to a vast library of templates that are customizable with our text-authoring tool.

Save money with Digital Signage

Save money on print materials by switching to digital house ads. Our Digital Signage is a fraction of the cost of any other Signage options out there.

Find the perfect channel for your bar or restaurant

5 hour loops of viral, family-friendly video, updated weekly


    Atmosphere’s flagship tv channel is guaranteed to suck you in and make you laugh no matter who you are. Chive TV streams family-friendly content of the best jaw dropping viral videos from around the world.

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  • Happy TV

    Has your face ever hurt from smiling too much? Happy TV streams feel-good viral video content featuring the cutest kids, animals, and of course wedding fails. This is your invitation to feel all the feels.

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If CHIVE TV isn't playing, my customers get mad at me and tell me to turn the game off and put CHIVE TV on. Brad Womack, Owner Dogwoods

Easy DIY installation that anyone can learn

  • Powered by a Streaming Stick

    Access and stream Atmosphere's channels via a consumer streaming stick and remote control.

  • Plug n' Play, on any TV

    Once you download the Atmosphere app, just plug your streaming device into any TV, connect to the internet, and you're off!

  • Entertain in any setting

    Atmosphere is perfect for any setting. With or without audio. Even play your favorite music.

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