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A fresh new TV option for your travellers

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Atmosphere’s suite of original ambient TV channels can be enjoyed with or without audio. We have a channel for every mood and age - and all content is family friendly

Improve your airport's business in meaningful ways

* Reduce perceived wait time with family friendly, relaxing content 

* Improve travellers' mood with content that is always upbeat, never political, and never polarizing

* Reduce cost

* Drive revenue/attention for concessionaires or make announcements with our digital signage

Airports are loud. Why add to the stressful cacophony? 

Noise reduction in airports will help your flyers stay calm and hear important announcements. Reducing background blather also allows travelers to enjoy their own audio entertainment – i.e., podcasts, streaming music, and audiobooks. 

You can reduce background noise in your airport with Atmosphere's suite of original ambient TV channels. These entertaining TV channels can be enjoyed with or without audio and are free to broadcast on as many screens as you like. 

We have a channel for every mood and age - and all of our content is family-friendly.

Atmosphere TV for Airports Will Improve Your Business – Quietly

Flying can stress people out. Superfluous noise always stresses people out. 

Reducing audio volume is a simple way to help people stay calm. But you already know this. It's why you turn down your car's stereo volume when you're lost.

Use Atmosphere's built-in digital signage displays to make noiseless announcements. 

Atmosphere TV for airports can be shown at low or no volume and doesn't require subtitles to watch either. Our relaxing and family-friendly content is inclusive and helps reduce travel tension. It's language-free TV!

Time flies when travellers have fun

Low-stress entertainment is known to reduce perceived wait time. 

Showing news on TV is informative but rarely low stress. It can also be polarizing. 

Atmosphere TV improves travellers' moods with upbeat content that is never political or polarizing – only stimulating. It's perfect for diverse, mass audiences. Positive wait experiences can directly translate into a satisfactory overall airport experience. 

Reduce costs with airport digital signage

Calm travellers are more likely to roam an airport. While focusing on your entertainment, they are ripe for digital signage. 

You can drive attention for concessionaires and increase sales with targeted advertisements. You can easily embed announcements and targeted advertisements in your TV streams. 

Use Airport Digital Signage to inform your travellers

Grab your guests' attention with amazing content, then mix in your own marketing promotions. 

Our Digital Signage Manager allows your messages to show up every 3 minutes between the content. Sell these advertising goldmines to concessionaires to boost airport revenue. 

Digital Advertising in Airports Will Save You Money

Save money on print materials and other signage options by switching to Digital Signage. 

Our solution is a fraction of the cost of any other option out there. Printed signage costs money. It takes time to design. Worse, it quickly goes out of date. It often requires the hiring of a third-party vendor. 

Atmosphere offers you digital signage. Use our customizable templates to design, update, and deliver signage quickly. 

Broadcast and promote anything instantly on your screens, including: 

Flight updates

Boarding calls

Public safety announcements

TSA lost items 

Find the perfect channel for your airport

5 hour loops of viral, family-friendly video, updated weekly

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Easy DIY installation that anyone can do

Powered by an Apple TV
Powered by an Apple TV

Access and stream Atmosphere's channels via an enterprise-grade Apple TV.

Plug n' Play, on any TV
Plug n' Play, on any TV

Simply plug your Apple TV into any TV or matrix system, connect to the internet, and you're off!

Entertain in any setting
Entertain in any setting

Atmosphere's programming doesn't require audio to be enjoyed, so it's perfect for any business type.

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