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What is Atmosphere?

Atmosphere is streaming TV for your customers

Atmosphere is the world's first and leading streaming TV service specifically designed for health clubs and gyms. You get 55 channels of ambient TV programming that your customers can enjoy while they're working out. 

All channels are audio-optional, which means you can run them with the sound on or off – no closed captioning necessary. Atmosphere also lets you insert targeted messages with easy-to-use fitness signage software. It's entertaining – and informative!

Atmosphere is free

Stop paying for cable or satellite programming that isn't appropriate for the gym or health club environment. Atmosphere is completely free for your business – plus you get a free enterprise-grade Atmosphere device.

Gym Digital Signage - Directly on your Existing Television

Engage your guests in a whole new way with health club advertising

Working out can be boring and repetitive. Give your guests something fun and motivating to watch while exercising. Our programming makes the time fly so that 30 minutes on the treadmill feels like less than 10.

Better than closed-captioned news and sports

People are at your facility to release stress and get healthy. They don't want to watch one of those depressing and divisive news channels. Even cable sports channels are less than perfect because you need the sound up or closed captions on to know what's happening. What you need is programming designed especially for the fitness environment – which Atmosphere provides.

No audio required

Research shows that 90% of gym-goers wear headphones. Atmosphere gives them engaging programming they don't need to hear to enjoy. Keep the sound down on your TVs and let your guests keep grooving to their headphones.

Atmosphere TV | Streaming for Business

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5 hour loops of viral, family-friendly video, updated weekly

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Easy DIY installation that anyone can do

Powered by an Atmosphere device
Powered by an Atmosphere device

Access and stream Atmosphere's channels via an enterprise-grade streaming device.

Plug n' Play, on any TV
Plug n' Play, on any TV

Simply plug your streaming device into any TV or matrix system, connect to the internet, and you're off!

Entertain in any setting
Entertain in any setting

Atmosphere's programming doesn't require audio to be enjoyed, so it's perfect for any business type.

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Perfect for bars, restaurants, hotels, gyms, healthcare, salons - even stadiums!

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