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Family friendly ambient TV channels, curated and updated weekly.


    Atmosphere’s flagship tv channel is guaranteed to suck you in and make you laugh no matter who you are. Chive TV streams family-friendly content of the best jaw dropping viral videos from around the world.

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  • Happy TV

    Has your face ever hurt from smiling too much? Happy TV streams feel-good viral video content featuring the cutest kids, animals, and of course wedding fails. This is your invitation to feel all the feels.

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  • Motiv8 TV

    Celebrating the amateur athletes of the world, Motiv8 TV streams motivational viral video content featuring workout wins and fails. Experience the thrill of unthinkable stunts and regrettable attempts of human accomplishment from the comfort (and safety!) of your home or gym.

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  • Escape TV

    Ever want to hit the eject button on your day? Escape TV streams relaxing nature videos that will trick your brain into a state of zen. Inner peace is found here. Namaste.

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  • Deep Sky TV

    Until you can save up the $250,000 for a commercial space shuttle, enjoy these mind blowing videos from outer space. Deep Sky TV gives you front row seats to the cosmos.

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  • Beach Bum TV

    Like a vacation that never ends, Beach Bum TV is guaranteed to put you in a pina colada state of mind. Streaming fun-in-the-sun video content so chill, you’ll actually feel the sand between your toes.

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  • Alpine TV

    Pow pow, nar nar, yard sale, shred, bank, chorizoed. You don’t need to speak mountain to enjoy Alpine TV. Put on your parka and enjoy outdoor content that does not discriminate against gapers, posers and pros.

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  • Rare TV

    Abraham Lincoln probably once said, “Don’t let your possessions own you, own your possessions.” But Abraham Lincoln has never been on a jet, mega-yacht or danced on a table in San Tropez. Rare TV is how the .001% live!

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  • Shugazing TV

    Sit back, relax and melt into your favorite chair. Shugazing TV is...wait, what was I talking about? Nevermind. Enjoy the show and don't screw up the rotation.

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  • Bogey TV

    Bogey TV is the world's first ambient golf entertainment channel. 24/7 golf, no audio required! No talking heads with closed captions, just the best golf highlights, bloopers, trick shots, beautiful golf course tours, 'how it's made' videos and pro leaderboards. So untuck your shirt, get total consciousness on your deathbed and enjoy the show!

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  • Scan Mode

    Scan Mode was invented by Dr. Emmet Brown on one of his many trips to the future. The channel showcases all of Atmosphere's content in short, random segments and automagically "changes the channel" for you every few minutes. There is no math, science or algorithm behind this amazing tech, just the next channel in no logical order. Next level stuff, we know.

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