From the makers of, CHIVE TV is packed with the best original, jaw-dropping viral videos from around the world

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From the makers of, CHIVE TV is packed with the best original, jaw-dropping viral videos from around the world

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Engage your Customers

Playing CHIVE TV in your business will not only enhance the vibe but it will keep customers coming back

CHIVE TV will improve your business

CHIVE TV increases revenue

Playing CHIVE TV has proven to increase repeat customers by 19% and customer dwell time by 16%. This positive feedback loop leads to increased same-store revenue

Save Money

Atmosphere and all 55 channels, including CHIVE TV, are a free subscription!

Bring your business to life

Curing Heads Down Disorder since 2015

Get customers off their phones and engaged by placing CHIVE TV in your business. CHIVE TV is proven to increase the overall vibe and expand brand awareness. With our Digital Signage Manager you can instantly reach your patrons with your own custom promotion

Speak to your customers through Digital Signage

Increase sales with house ads

With Atmosphere's Digital Signage Manager, you can instantly upsell your customers with your own house ads

Studies have proven an increase in sales and repeat visitors

Easy to use

The Digital Signage tool is sophisticated, yet very user-friendly and anyone with 5 minutes of training can use it. Upgrade to Business Pro today!

How do I get CHIVE TV?

Via an Enterprise-grade Atmosphere device

Register for a business account and we'll ship you your enterprise-grade streaming device ASAP

Easy to Install

Once you receive your enterprise-grade Atmosphere device, you simply plug it in, connect to the internet, and off you go!

Advertise on CHIVE TV

Reach an audience in bars and restaurants

CHIVE TV is in over 10,000 bars and restaurants, reaching over 10,000,000 people from the age of 21-35

Point of Purchase Advertising

Advertise your beer or liquor brand that is available on premise with a consumer. An independent study proved over 100% lift in beer sales on premise

How big is CHIVE TV?

Reaches over 300,000,000 people per month

CHIVE TV is not only distributed on Atmosphere, we have content partnerships with Captivate, Ziosk, Screenvision, Gas Station TV, Royal Carribean, Cedar Fair, and more!

Where can I find CHIVE TV?

If you want to watch CHIVE TV at home, we have distribution deals via Xumo, LG Channels Plus, Distro TV, and Tivo - all for free! Check out the map on Atmosphere's homepage to find out where CHIVE TV is playing near you

Atmosphere Channels

Atmosphere is the world's first and largest streaming TV platform made specifically for businesses. All channels have endless hours of entertaining, audio-optional TV programming, with new content added weekly.

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